Purple Wisteria Arbor

WYLD provides a beautiful container for work that is embodied, heart-centered, joyful, immersive, transmissive, rejuvenating, and transformative.

With a focus on grounding visionary states and immediately integrating insights, we unite the body, heart, mind, and spirit through cultivating healing group fields.

We document and make media of the teachings transmitted here because we believe in tending to the evolutionary edge of our flourishing through sharing best practices.

medicinal Mullen

Outcome: To provide all guests a loving community container which is healing of body and mind, clarifies vision, facilitates powerful ideas, and motivates beings to go out into the world and do their good works.

finding new directions


For 20 years WYLD has acted as a safe space and high caliber private center for the positive evolution of humanity in support of those driving that evolution. Informed by the secret of life’s origins and its future expansion into the cosmos, this is a place where dreams are delved into deeply, and then developed into the world.

WYLD has already hosted innumerable informal gatherings on these themes including public figures such as Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham, Ted Nelson and Steve Wozniak, Annie Oak and Hidden Mountain, Lawrence Lessig, Neal Stephenson and Brewster Kahle.

Past events have taken many forms : parties, stay-overs, tours, family outings, documentary film shoots, big dinners, and even weddings.

We are entering a new phase of WYLD, accelerating & accentuating these group gatherings and formalizing them into programs.

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