WYLD is wanting to bloom bigger to realize our vision in the world. We welcome donations and leads on the following :

Financial contributions : please contact us

Up to 30 foot dome for large group gatherings, movement, and ceremony to shelter the Octostage. Once the Ocotostage is enclosed, we are seeking bamboo or hardwood flooring.

Wood hot tub to accommodate up to 10 people

Sauna & Steam Bath for up to 10 people

Salt water warm pool

Building materials and donated construction skills

Awe-inspiring art, sculptures, crystals. sacred items

pink ladies blooming


cucumber harvest

WYLD welcomes permaculture experts and especially are seeking : natural builders, treehouse makers, tree net weavers, pruners, farmers, medicine and food growers, rainwater collection system designers, greywater system designers, compost experts, and systems-level designers. 

Artists : bus painters, altar makers, fabric workers with an emphasis on natural and non-toxic materials.

Event support and planning : set up, food prep, clean up, dishes, music, and attendee follow up. 

Wanting to be of help? Many hands make light work and there are endless ways to give back to the land and those that steward the space, please ask how to be of service before and during your visit if you are feeling generous. 

peaceful apple harvest