Big House : wood stove & Central Air heated, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, well appointed kitchen, dining room, Fireside Library meeting space, Honey Heart Squish Room plush body lounge, filtered water shower & bathtub, Berkey drinking water filter, washing machine, dryer, clothesline, closets, with linens provided.

early morning

Water Temple Spa : steam bath, inflatable outdoor lounge space with mattress, couches, chairs, benches, foam floor, towels & butt towels provided.

Sheltered patios, outdoor dining table sets for up to 30. Additional folding chairs and tables available for larger parties.

Wisteria in bloom

Parking for up to 25 cars, additional capacity can be serviced by shuttle with pre-arrangement.

Tree of Life : hand-laid murals abound at WYLD

Flat tent camping / car camping available.

Heart Garden

Meditation and small group gatherings spaces throughout the property including : Redwood grove meditation platform above stream, two tables in Mural Alcove, Ceremonial Grape Bower with fire pit, Heart Garden with stone benches, several fountains and water features.

Weddings at Wyld

For weddings : Wedding arch, Wisteria Stage (perfect as band grandstand), and plenty of folding chairs and tables are available for group dining.

Wisteria Stage

Octostage : large open air movement deck with foam dance floor.

gardens surrounding Big House

Airstream : Upper meadow community kitchen space.

Flowering Cactus

Abundant gardens of flowers, fruit trees, spices, herbs, and medicines.

Apple tree blooming

We are located 5 minutes outside of the town of Boulder Creek, where you can find everything you need : Wild Roots (organic natural grocery store); restaurants, bar, gas station, mechanic, hardware store, drug store, post office, lumber yard, shopping, antiquing, children’s classes, art galleries, yoga, fitness, laundromat, and even a theater!

Bus NoFurthur

Public transportation is available to the city of Santa Cruz from Boulder Creek.

Unique Property Attractions

Worlds’ Largest Private Computer Museum

supercomputer innards
circuit boards
analog patch board computer – used for telephone equipment
Psychedelic Library and Archive